Enhance the performance of your team

with fully customised 360° feedback.

  Looking for ways to improve the performance of your organisation?

  Are you keen for individuals and teams in your organisation to receive quality feedback which can improve their performance?

We are certain the answers to these questions are a resounding “Yes!”

No doubt you understand the immense value of quality performance feedback and its link to the continuous improvement in your people. You may already have strategies in place to capture this.

360° feedback is proven to be a strong, powerful tool which can be used to enhance performance. An important aspect of an effective 360° feedback capability is that it is tailored to your organisation’s performance and development framework. It should be fit for your specific purpose, and not be some cookie cutter process that doesn’t meet your exact needs. It must reflect what is important for your organisation to be successful. So how can the feedback process be tailored to your organisation so the data is efficiently captured and presented in an actionable user-friendly format?

Report Horse can help!

Report Horse offers you a highly-customisable automated 360° feedback reporting capability. The primary objective of Report Horse is to support full customisation for your survey questions and very high levels of report customisation. This will enable your organisation to use its own performance and development frameworks to collate individual, team, and organisation performance information.

Report Horse can automate as much of the process as possible, so your organisation can concentrate on developing its people rather than mastering the technical aspects of conducting 360° feedback surveys.

To change
a person's
you need to
change the way
they think.

What is a 360° feedback survey?

How often are staff provided with constructive, honest, and timely feedback from people who work with them? The truth is that this sort of feedback is rare, but incredibly important for improving performance. The 360° feedback process is a useful and effective tool in capturing and presenting this data.

A 360° feedback survey involves rating a person against a number of desired behaviours and qualities through an on-line survey. The survey is completed by a range of people (“respondents”), including the person’s manager, peers, staff, customers, and other stakeholders. This anonymous and informed feedback is collated into a valuable, and often enlightening report. The report compares the perceptions of the person against those of the respondents, highlighting strengths and revealing areas for development.

Why would I want to get 360° feedback?

The person undergoing the 360° survey is typically referred to as the “Nominee” or “Self”. The nominee nominates themselves to seek meaningful feedback from others. This meaningful feedback provides the opportunity to not only recognise a person’s personal and professional strengths, but also areas for development.

As the feedback is about “Self”, it strikes at the core of the person’s identity. This is critical for reinforcing desired behaviours, but also for understanding the impact of any undesirable behaviours on themselves and the people around them. To change a person’s behaviour, you need to change the way they think. Agreeing to receive feedback about your impact on others, and then reflecting on this, is integral to self-improvement.

How can 360° feedback benefit my organisation?

The 360° feedback survey process has been successfully used in private and government sectors for a number of years. The benefits are proven. The desired behaviours in the resulting report should link to the qualities which are important to your organisation. This may include certain capabilities, occupational skills, and values. This can be useful in terms of your organisation’s succession planning and individual development plans.

For example, your organisation may already have an established “framework” which encapsulates the skills and qualities you wish to have engrained in your people. Report Horse can work with you to convert the framework into a meaningful set of survey questions and a report format which allows you to measure your people (individually and collectively) against these expectations. But 360° feedback not only enhances the performance of individuals, it can also improve your organisation as a whole.

Report Horse gives you access to the raw data from all of your organisation’s 360° feedback surveys. The accumulation of this raw data can be used to identify organisational strengths and gaps. The data can also be used across organisations as part of a benchmarking process. We can work with you to develop organisation level reports. This information can then be used to develop your organisational strategies to leverage desired behaviours and address undesirable behaviours in order to meet the challenges of a changing and dynamic environment. Research shows that people who are rated as highly effective leaders through 360° feedback contribute to lower staff turnover and higher employee engagement among their staff (Zenger & Folkman 2012, How to be Exceptional).

Why Report Horse?

You recognise the immense value that 360° feedback can provide, but what is the most efficient and effective way of capturing it? Report Horse offers you significant benefits at a competitive price, which we believe are unique to us.

Your organisation should be able to gather 360° feedback and measure performance against your own unique framework rather than being limited by off-the-shelf generic 360° surveys. You should be able to turn on a metaphorical tap or flick a switch and your 360° feedback capability should just appear and work efficiently and smoothly. Our goal for Report Horse is that it provides a 360° feedback capability on which you can trust and depend. It just ‘does the job’ so your organisation can focus on actions that come out of the feedback, thus improving your performance and core business.

What do our clients say about the Report Horse experience?

Report Horse can provide solutions to any organisation, large or small, and in any industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our surveys and reports to suit your needs, but don’t just take our word for it. Here is what some of our clients have said about the Report Horse experience.

What do our nominees say?

Report Horse has a follow-up evaluation component which we use to determine if and how nominees developed as a result of the 360° feedback process. We also use this opportunity to ask what they thought of the process. Below is a selection of their feedback on the Report Horse system and the 360° feedback process.

How do our nominees rate the system?

Report Horse has an evaluation component which we make available to our clients. This is a voluntary process. Data from hundreds of nominees indicates the following average scores:

The Report Horse software worked well

5.3 out of 6


The 360° feedback report improved my knowledge of my strengths and areas for improvement

5.3 out of 6


I believe the 360° feedback report will improve my ability to perform my current responsibilities

5.2 out of 6


I would recommend the 360° feedback process

5.5 out of 6


100 DAYS FOLLOW UP – The 360° feedback process has assisted in my personal and/or professional development

5.2 out of 6


100 DAYS FOLLOW UP – I would recommend the 360° feedback process to others

5.6 out of 6


Survey and report customisation options

Report Horse specialises in customised 360° feedback reports. These reports can be provided at both individual and team levels.

We also offer comparison reports, which compare results over time. For an individual and team, this may include before and after a longer development program.

You have 3 possible options when it comes to the level of customisation

1.  Fully customised survey questions. This option allows you to include all of the questions you want with all of the text that you want. There is a very high level of customisation of the report format and data analysis. The customisation of the report format is only limited by any technical limitations.
2.  Use one of our existing surveys and report formats which were designed and developed by us in consultation with other clients and professionals. We can easily include your cover and contact details so the report looks like it is one of yours.
3.  Modify one of our existing surveys and report formats to suit your organisation’s requirements. This can extend to modifications for your clients, which may include additional questions and information. This flexibility is a real point of difference.

The Report Horse 360° performance feedback 5 step process

Once you're up and running, each of your 360° feedback surveys will follow this 5 step process.

  • A person who is seeking 360° feedback on their performance nominates themselves by completing an online nomination form.
  • Nominees can nominate up to 50 people and/or email groups to respond to the feedback survey. (This can be increased on an as-required basis.)
  • The nominee is provided with a template email to send to all their chosen respondents to let them know they will be asked to provide feedback via an on-line survey.
  • If they subsequently nominate for another 360° feedback survey at a later time, the system will prepopulate the nomination form with their details as well as the email addresses of the previously nominated respondents. This is useful so that the same people can be surveyed and the nominee can track their performance to see whether their behaviour has changed as a result of feedback provided.
  • The nominee will be provided with a personal portal, allowing them to monitor their survey progress and to download their report when available
  • Once the nomination has been approved by a member of your organisation, a request is sent to the nominated respondents.
  • Real-time data is provided as respondents complete the survey, including data indicating how far each respondent has progressed through the survey.
  • Identifying information is not available. This maintains anonymity which is important for obtaining honest feedback.
  • Respondents can stop, restart, and change their responses at any time before the survey is closed.
  • On a closed survey, respondents’ comments can be reviewed and edited to improve readability – these changes are tracked.
  • Where relevant, text answers are grouped by similar responses to make the results more meaningful e.g. ‘work ethic’, ‘work ethos’, and ‘hard work’ may all be grouped into ‘work ethic’.
  • The report is then generated. To assist with anonymity, the system will automatically merge responses where there are less than 3 respondents for a respondent group.
  • If a nominee has previously completed the same survey type, the system can generate customised comparison reports.
  • The generated report can be emailed directly to the nominee.
  • The nominee may also download the report from their personal portal.
  • Ideally report delivery should be supported by a discussion with a trained facilitator.
  • Report Horse can assist with training your staff to be feedback facilitators.
  • Alternatively our trained consultants are happy to facilitate report delivery.
  • De-identified raw data can be downloaded and reviewed. This data can be useful and insightful in identifying organisational and behavioural trends.
  • Report Horse offers an optional follow-up evaluation to the nominee to measure the success of the process and the feedback.
  • In addition to seeking initial feedback from the nominee, we seek further feedback from the nominee and their manager approximately 3 months later.
  • The focus of the latter surveys is to determine if there are changes in behaviours and outcomes over this time. Determining if the feedback was a catalyst for improvements is extremely important.
  • All evaluation data can be downloaded and analysed to identify trends and to determine improvement strategies.

Meet your team

Leigh Alsteris
Dr Leigh Alsteris BEng, PhD Griff.

Dr Leigh Alsteris (Proprietor)
BEng, PhD Griff.

I design and develop business software for automating business processes and managing data. I’m proud to say I love what I do!

For almost 20 years, I have specialised in software development and engineering. Over these years, I have designed and developed many software applications specifically tailored to the needs of my clients. In doing so, I have been able to gain and leverage my broad experience working in defence, health, education, and finance, in both public and private sectors. I am driven to find solutions for my clients that are fit for purpose, a pleasure to use, valuable to their organisation, and which makes their jobs easier.

When I became aware of the difficulties that organisations experience with tailoring their 360° feedback systems to reflect their own performance framework, I set my mind to creating Report Horse – what I consider is the best, most efficient, tailored 360° feedback solution. I am thrilled to have a significant number of clients who have embraced Report Horse and what it has to offer in the field of leadership development. I am 100% devoted to developing and improving Report Horse so that it is the best it can be, and I am excited to partner with your business.

Howard Kemp
Howard Kemp BBus, MPSt USQ

Howard Kemp (Consultant)

I am passionate about leadership and the development of leaders. I have worked in the area of leader development for over two decades. For the last 10 years I have primarily focused on the development of managers and executives. This includes proudly performing a lead role in the design and development of a range of award winning programs and courses on leadership, change management, and innovation.

Society, technology, and the environment in which we operate is constantly changing and evolving – the same applies to the expectations of leaders and their development. With my extensive experience, I am committed to working with our clients to understand their business and needs, and assisting them to enhance the performance of their team – now and into the future.

In my various roles, I have used a range of 360° feedback systems and conducted hundreds of feedback sessions. I’m able to draw on this experience to assist with the ongoing improvement of the Report Horse system, and to assist our clients to develop their own meaningful 360° feedback solution. I have undertaken an extensive amount of study, including a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Professional Studies which focused on the alignment of individual and organisational values.

Working with Report Horse

Please contact our team for an obligation free discussion. We would be delighted to meet with you to understand your business needs, frameworks, and processes. It will also provide you with the opportunity to understand how Report Horse can assist your organisation and will give you an understanding of the significant and unique benefits that a fully customised Report Horse solution offers. We will share with you the way Report Horse operates, including details of our pricing and payment options. We are always open to working with our clients to develop a suitable payment solution which suits them. After this discussion, we are confident that you will be impressed by the Report Horse system and will want to work with us.

1. Understanding your needs

  • During this session, we will work together to determine the level of customisation that you require.
  • Report Horse is always open to the possibility of adding capabilities to our products in order to support your needs.

2. Survey questions and report development

  • A draft set of survey questions and report format are created following an initial consultation and ongoing discussions with your Client Manager.
  • Iterative process until you are happy.

3. Sample report produced for your approval

  • Survey questions finalised.
  • Sample report produced for your approval.

4. Getting you up and running

  • After you give us the go ahead, we create and provide you with access to your organisation’s 360° management portal.
  • This gives you access to your customised 360° survey questions and report templates.